Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

UVC light is a proven method to destroy viruses and bacteria from, for example, aerosols. Choose the most powerful mobile UVC air purifier with 150W in total UVC cleaning power.

The ViroPower is a mobile device with UVC light to clean the air and remove harmful particles with the help of Dust and HEPA filters.


Technical Specifications

Light source: 6 x Sunfit UVC lamp - 254 nm - T8 Quarz (ozone-free)
Life span: 9000 hours
Driver: Sunfit electronic ballast - 6 x 25W - 200-240 Volt 50-60 Hz

Dust filter: 250 x 500 x 10 mm
HEPA filter: 250 x 500 x 25 mm

Voltage: 220-250 Volt AC
Power consumption: 240 Watt
Fan capacity: 2 x 97/117 cfm (220-240 Volt)

Recommended room temperature: Between +10°С and + 35°С
Recommended humidity: Max. 80% at +25°С

Weight (with packaging): 27 Kg (33 Kg)

Dimensions ViroPower 6000: 61,5 x 32,5 x 115 cm
Boxed dimensions: 72 x 43 x 119 cm


The air purifier that kills viruses + bacteria

Ozone-free UVC lamps that clean aerosols


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