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Ultrasun Tanning Equipment



  • Supplying Ultrasun Tanning equipment to the industry since 1977
  • Buy, lease or rent options available
  • 40+ sunbeds in stock
  • Nationwide installation, service and support
  • In house trained service engineers
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About Helionova

Helionova has been supplying and maintaining high-quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over 45 years. Established in 1977 by Richard Warden, who was so taken with the new tanning technology that he literally used every penny at his disposal to purchase his first machines.

In 1983 Richard met Willem Fabels, Managing Director of Ultrasun International. As a result of this meeting Helionova became, and continues to be the sole distributor of Ultrasun equipment in the UK.

Since Richard's retirement in 2013, Helionova has become part of the worldwide Ultrasun group with long-serving employees Steve Foyster and Emma Johnston becoming Directors of the company.

Using experienced in-house engineers, most of whom have been with the company for more than ten years, Helionova is proud to supply, service and maintain Ultrasun tanning and Dr. Müller Collagen equipment across the UK. We offer outright purchase, lease or rental.

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About Ultrasun

Ultrasun International is a family-owned, proudly independent company based in the Netherlands. Ultrasun is active in more than 60 countries ranging from the US to Japan. They own production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands as well as several offices around the world.


Ultrasun’s mission is simple: To provide a luxurious tanning experience. Ultrasun strives to fulfil the requirements of its customers and provide them with sunbeds and sunshowers of the highest quality to make every tanning session unforgettable.

Meet the team

Helionova Steve Foyster

Steve Foyster


24 years at Helionova

Helionova Emma Johnston

Emma Johnston

Vice Director

29 years at Helionova

Helionova karen fulcher

Karen Fulcher

Reception and Sales

7 years at Helionova

Helionova John Gibson

John Gibson

Sales Manager

24 years in the Tanning Industry

Helionova carrie mason

Carrie Mason

Sales Manager

23 years in the Tanning Industry

Helionova Melanie Daynes - Receptionist

Melanie Daynes


3 years at Helionova

"I was very pleased with the service we received. Staff were polite, friendly and helpful."

2023 Helionova

Serenity Loves

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Most reliable partner since 1977

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Helionova has been supplying and maintaining high-quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over four decades. Established in 1977 by Richard Warden, who was so impressed with the new tanning technology, literally used every penny at his disposal to purchase his first sunbed.

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Sole distributor of Ultrasun sunbeds

In 1983 Richard met Willem Fabels, Managing Director of Ultrasun International B.V. Their friendship and a keen eye for business opportunities resulted in Helionova becoming, and continues to be the sole distributor of Ultrasun equipment in the UK.

Poster of the sunbed association


Founder of the British TSA

In 1995, Helionova and other companies founded The Sunbed Association (TSA). The not-for-profit organisation is at the forefront of promoting responsible tanning and delivering excellent, informed services to people in and outside the tanning industry.

2 pictures of people working at helionova


Fresh people, new ideas

With business booming and Ultrasun sunbeds spreading across the UK, it was time to bring in new people to take charge of these new opportunities. Emma Johnston proudly took the task and Helionova has reached new heights.

Expo hall with people and a red carpet


Step up in duties

Changing landscapes has offered new opportunities in the tanning industry, thus greater responsibilities to the Helionova team. Leading this mighty team, whose responsibilities have increased tenfold, is Steve Foyster. He became General Manager in 2008.

Woman wearing sports clothes standing in front of a sunbed


0.3 Compliant sunbeds

Throughout the years, Ultrasun has constantly been innovating and adapting their sunbeds for the tanning industry. Accordingly, since 2009 all Ultrasun sunbeds have been 0.3 compliant. Meaning you’re tanning as if you’re enjoying the midday sun in the Mediterranean.

Man working at a desk


Richard Warden retires

After countless decades as the head of Helionova, Richard Warden passed the mantle to Steve and Emma. Currently, Richard is enjoying a well-earned retirement.

Yellow building from the company helionova


New headquarters

As Helionova’s client base grew, so did its amenities. After much searching Helionova moved to a new location just on the edge of Norwich.

Woman sitting on top of a pink sunbed


Dr. Müller in the UK

Dr. Müller has existed for a century. It has continued to evolve and stay ahead of the beauty and wellness standards of that time . With a new turn to natural and holistic interventions, Helionova has taken advantage of this opportunity. In 2015 the company introduced light therapy devices for collagen production in the UK market.

Woman tanning inside a pink sunbed


CollaTan: a unique mix of UV and red light

In 2016, Ultrasun delivered a new kind of tube that rejuvenates the skin while you tan. These CollaTan tubes provide a direct, intensive and attractive tan while also boosting collagen production for a rejuvenated and blemish-free complexion.

People looking at different sunbeds


Emma: 25 years of service

In the 25 years with Helionova, Emma has never ceased to amaze her work colleagues. She’s an absolute perfectionist and works tirelessly to achieve all her goals. Your colleagues are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and effort over the years.

A person looking at the Helionova website from their laptop


New website

Helionova is a company that’s constantly evolving to better suit the needs and wants of its clients. In 2022, Helionova received a new revamp that has seen its customer relations increase exponentially.


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