About Helionova

Helionova has been supplying and maintaining high quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over 35 years. Established in 1979 by Richard Warden who was so taken with the new tanning technology that he literally used every penny at his disposal, to purchase his first machines.

In 1983 Richard met Willem Fabels, managing Director of Ultrasun International, as a result of this meeting Helionova became, and continues to be, the sole distributor of Ultrasun equipment in the UK.

Since Richards retirement in 2013 Helionova has become a part of the worldwide Ultrasun group, with long serving employees Steve Foyster and Emma Johnston becoming Directors of the company.

Using experienced in house engineers, most of whom have been with the company for more than ten years, Helionova is proud to supply, service, and maintain Ultrasun tanning and Dr. Müller Collagen equipment across the UK, we offer outright purchase, lease, or rental.

About Helionova

UltrasunInternational tanning  device i9 XOM

About Ultrasun

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About Ultrasun

Ultrasun International is a family-owned and proudly independent company, based in the Netherlands. Ultrasun is active in more than 60 countries, ranging from the US to Japan, and they own their production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as several offices around the world.

Ultrasun’s mission is simple: To provide a luxurious tanning experience. Ultrasun strives to fulfil the requirements of our customers and provide them with sunbeds and sunshowers of the highest quality to make your tanning sessions an unforgettable one.

Visit us at: ultrasuninternational.com

Our Team

This is our team, a group of smiling happy people ready to enhance your tanning experience.

Steve Foyster

Position: Director


Position: Vice Director


Position: Reception and Sales

John Gibson

Position: Sales Manager

Carrie Mason

Position: Sales Manager

Our Services

With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm to help you with all your tanning inquires.

New tanning and Collagenic equipment

Helionova has been established for over 40 years operating nationally from our Norwich HQ where our expertise and advice is always available.

Helionova is a exclusive distributor of Ultrasun tanning equipment, Dr. Müller Red Light Therapy equipment.

We have supplied over 10,000 installations nationwide. This includes tanning studio’s, beauty & hair salons, nail bars, leisure centres, hotel gyms, spas and health clubs.

All our new tanning and Red Light Therapy equipment is available on outright and leasing options available.

Tanning and Collagenic rental

All Ultrasun reconditioned tanning units are available for sale through finance packages including leasing and our exclusive Ultrasunova Rental.

Tanning and Collagenic reconditioned

Reconditioned means all the machines that come back to Helionova are stripped completely, cleaned and all parts are then replaced and checked again to ensure perfect working condition. The machine is totally refurbished. The rental is on a minimum of a one year contract.


We suggest a full service is carried out at 500 hours as indicated on the hour accumulator. So for a machine set for a 12 minute treatment this would do some 3000 sessions between services.

A service consists of stripping down the machine, replace all the used tubes, facials, starters and cleaning out all the airways and checking all wiring. A charge will be made for any worn or defective parts which need replacing. All tubes and starters will be guaranteed for one year from the service date, unless the sunbed has completed 500 or more hours.

With a team of fully trained Helionova engineers – most of who have been with us for 10 years or more – we can offer a repair service second to none on all Ultrasun, Dr. Müller and Gardasun equipment. We try to attend a fault within 48 hours of call [weekends and bank holidays not included].

* Please note Helionova only uses genuine parts.

Sunfit lamp supplier

We sell the complete range of Sunfit Lighting tanning and Collagenic lamps.

* Please note Helionova only uses genuine Sunfit lamps.

Parts supplier

We sale all Ultrasun genuine replacement parts for the Ultrasun and Dr. Müller equipment lines.

Creams and Consumables

We sell the Dr. Müller Collagenic Bodylift Elixir and a range of products from SuperTan and Soleo. Please contact us for any inquiries or samples.