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4 Reasons to rent a sunbed instead of buying

Steve Foyster By Steve Foyster   •     •   2 minute read

Are you convinced of the benefits of having one or multiple sunbeds in your salon but still on the fence whether you want to buy or rent? There are benefits to each choice. In this blog we highlight several reasons why our customers are happiest renting a sunbed from us. 


1. No need to worry about servicing and maintenance

While you run your business you don't need to worry about making appointments to keep your sunbed in top shape. We’ve got you covered when it comes to all essential servicing and maintenance. We take care of everything from check-ups to re-tubing.


2. Essential products you need to get started are included

You need more than just a sunbed to get your salon up and running. With our rental sunbeds you get all the essentials you need to set up your tanning service. 

  • Safety notices to display in your salon 
  • Client record and session cards 
  • Posters
  • Goggles
  • A selection of our sunbed creams


3. Access to a team of experts

Completely new to sunbeds in your salon? It’s likely you have questions, big or small. If during your rental period you have any questions or doubts we’re here for you. We have been in the business for over 45 years and our goal is to help you make the most out of your rental sunbeds.


4. You’ll have more control over your costs

Do you want to start gaining profits from a sunbed in your salon but don't have the initial investment ready you need to buy one?  Commercial rental sunbeds are a great solution for those who want to get started but don’t want to commit to buying a sunbed yet. With a contract for one year you can discover how sunbeds contribute to your salon earnings all year round. 


Frequently Asked Questions about hiring sunbeds

How long is the minimum contract for renting a sunbed for commercial purposes?

We offer 1 and 2 years contracts.

Can I choose from the same types of sunbeds as when I’d be buying?

Yes you can!  Brand new machines are also available to rent as well as fully refurbished machines.