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Ultrasun i8

Glow from the inside out


An exhilarating experience is virtually guaranteed in the world’s best-selling sunshower, the Ultrasun i8. The upright sunbed offers space and comfort to glow from the inside out. Boost your Vitamin D levels, relax your body and mind, and let your glowing skin show the results.

Technical Specifications
Total Lamps: 48 x Sunfit XXL3 200W E-Tronic | 200cm

Max. Session Time: 15 minutes
Power Consumption: 9.400 W (10.400 with airco)

Electrical Requirements

Three Phase Supply

Socket Requirement: 32 amps per phase TPN&E. Female commando socket
Trip Size: 32 amps per phase C Type

Single Phase Supply

Socket Requirement 63 amp. Female commando socket
Trip Size 50 amp. C Type


Width:178 x Length:135 x Height:224 cm


Width = Door closed dimension
Length = Door open dimension
Height = Floor to ceiling

Standard Options
IQ touch icon IQ Touch Control
Age control icon Age Control
Electronic Ballasts icon Electronic Ballasts
TopCooler icon TopCooler
Vibraplate icon Vibraplate
Handles icon Handles
Music pro icon Music Pro
Wellness Sound icon Wellness Sound
Voice Guide icon Voice Guide
Bluetooth icon Bluetooth
Rainbow Manager icon Rainbow Manager
Air Extraction Hose icon Air Extraction Hose
Additional Options
Breeze icon Breeze
Aroma icon Aroma
Airco icon Airco
Changing Cubicle icon Changing Cubicle
Available colours
Dream white metallic Dream White Metallic i8 XOM Xtreme Orange Metallic
2023 Helionova model

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