5 Reasons Why Tanning Beds Can Help You Grow Your Business

Do you want to take your beauty salon to the next level and boost profits — without having to follow long courses to learn new skills and offer new services? Look at how you can make better use of the space you have. Does it fit a sunbed or two? Here are five reasons why you should consider adding them to your services.

1. Sunbeds are popular every season

Tanning beds are popular all year round. Most consumers don’t have space nor money to buy their own sunbed for home, which is a great opportunity for beauty salons. They can offer a tanning experience close to home and make additional money of it.


2. Nobody tans just once

Tanning beds create loyal customers. There’s no use in going into a tanning bed just once. To build up and maintain a tan, you will have to come in regularly. Make sure you are the go-to choice for serial tanners. Not only by delivering a top-notch experience, but also with a loyalty program, subscription, or monthly tanning package. This can help you build a steady stream of extra income.


3. Tanning guests can also be seduced to try your other services

Someone looking for just a tanning salon who finds you on Google, might be pleasantly surprised when they come in and see you offer more than that. The next time they are looking for a beautician, you might be top of mind. You could also give them an extra incentive to try your other services by offering a discount.

It also works the other way around: someone who's been coming for one of your other beauty services and usually goes to another tanning salon, might as well switch to yours -they’re here now anyway. You increase the Customer Lifetime Value of your clientele. 


4. Get in additional revenue from selling products

For an even greater tanning experience, you can offer additional products like lotions and creams. These are a great way to make some extra money.

Products like tanning accelerators have a mark-up between 80-100%. By offering a nice range, from budget to luxury, you increase the chances of your guests buying additional products. The same goes for moisturizers. 

Educate yourself on which products are most popular and make your guests aware of their benefits. You could also consider giving free samples or a free product to anyone who buys a subscription to your tanning services.


You make more money out of existing space

Sure, you have to manage the cleaning, scheduling, informing clients, and all that, but once your clients are in the tanning bed, you make money from doing nothing. If you have one or two rooms that you haven't really been using, you could monetize them by adding sunbeds. 


Find out how much you can make with sunbeds

Use our ROI calculator to find out in how many months you earn back your initial investment and when you start making additional profit. Have any questions? Reach out to our team to find out more.

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Return on investment calculator

Use our ROI calculator to find out in how many months you earn back your initial investment and when you start making additional profit. Do you have any questions or does your situation not fit within this calculation? Let one of our colleagues help you make the calculation!


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