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How profitable are sunbeds? Calculate your ROI here

Emma Johnston By Emma Johnston   •     •   3 minute read

How long does it take to earn back the costs of a sunbed?

If you’ve been thinking about buying sunbeds to add to your beauty salon to make more money in your existing space, you’ll have some questions. How much money will you actually be making — realistically — and how long will it take to cover the costs of purchasing sunbeds? 

Take the guesswork out of calculating the prices you need to ask from your customers to get the return of investment you want. While they boost their vitamin D, you will be boosting your business. Our ROI calculator helps you make better business decisions that will actually drive results. Keep reading to find out how it works.

What our ROI calculator will tell you.

ROI stands for return on investment, or return on costs. It is used to measure, per period, the rates of return on money invested in a product. 

In this case, our ROI calculator will tell you how many months it will take you to earn back the investment you made into your sunbed(s). The calculations are based on 

  • The cost of buying a sunbed 
  • The price of a session
  • Duration of a session
  • The electricity costs
  • The costs for the lamps

As you’ll not be able to have customers 24/7, we’ve created calculations for different scenarios based on how busy you’ll be. This will give you a fair and honest picture of the possible outcomes.

Why measure the ROI?

Whether investing in our sunbeds is in your plans to expand your business and services, or you are just starting out: you want to be prepared. Our calculator helps you pick the right sunbed and gives you a clear idea of what to expect.

Moreover, this will help you determine prices and packages. Since your potential clients will most likely visit more than once, you can calculate monthly tanning packages that would help you reach your goals faster.

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Other things to consider. 

The calculator shows the return on investment for the sunbeds only. If you need to make any additional changes to install the sunbeds, you will need to calculate these costs as well. For instance:

  • Changes to be made in the power supply. If your building only has a single-phase electricity supply, this will only run two sunbeds.
  • Renovations or other changes in the space or rooms you need to make. 
  • Cleaning costs.
  • Software to track the usage of your beds and the state of the bulbs.

There are also additional costs for accessories such as eye protection and tanning accelerators. Do keep in mind that they are not just costs: these products also bring in revenue.

Find out how long it will take you to earn back the investment on your sunbed in the calculator:



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