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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Tanning Salon?

Zuleika Boekhoudt By Zuleika Boekhoudt   •     •   4 minute read

Are you considering taking the plunge into opening a tanning salon? Here's an important question you have to ask yourself: How much does it cost to run a tanning salon? In this extended guide, we'll unravel the complexities, going beyond sunbed expenses to explore operational details and strategies for business success.


Understanding the Basics of Running a Tanning Salon


Sunbeds: The Heart of Your Salon

Choosing the right sunbeds is the cornerstone of your tanning salon venture. The market offers many options, from basic models to high-tech wonders. It's not just about functionality; your choice should align with your target audience and the ambience you wish to create.


What types of sunbeds are available?



Ultrasun E7 stand-up sunbed


2023-Helionova-604x488_Q14_DWM_model1Ultrasun Q14 laydown sunbed


The diverse array includes stand-up booths and laydown beds. Each type appeals to different preferences, providing your clientele with a spectrum of tanning experiences.


As you navigate the options, consider factors like UV strength, session duration, and additional features like built-in cooling systems. This attention to detail ensures your salon caters to a broad spectrum of tanning enthusiasts.


Tanning Salon Costs: Breaking It Down

While sunbeds are a significant upfront investment, understanding the broader costs is important for a sustainable business model.


How much does it cost to purchase sunbeds?

Sunbed prices range widely, with average costs falling between £3,000 and £10,000 per unit. However, consider this an initial capital expenditure, a critical investment in the success of your salon. Ensure you factor in the number of beds required to meet the demand and size of your clientele.


Beyond sunbeds, there are other startup expenses to consider. Salon setup, decor, and branding contribute to the atmosphere, making your space an inviting haven for tanning enthusiasts.


Costs Involved in Running a Tanning Salon


Operational Overheads

Now that your salon is set up, sustaining it involves ongoing operational costs.


What are the monthly operational costs?

Rent, utilities, and staff wages are recurring expenses that demand careful consideration. Marketing and promotional activities are crucial for attracting and retaining clients. Allocating a budget for these facets ensures a steady flow of customers through your salon doors.


Develop a comprehensive business plan to outline these costs, projecting monthly and yearly expenses. This plan becomes your roadmap, guiding you through the financial landscape of tanning salon ownership.


Regulatory Requirements

Navigating the legalities of the tanning industry is essential for a seamless operation.


What licences and permits are necessary?

Research local regulations diligently to secure the required licences and permits. Health and safety standards are paramount, emphasising the importance of well-trained staff and adherence to industry guidelines.


How to Maximise Your Salon's Profitability


Marketing Strategies for Success

Your salon is ready, and now it's time to bring in the clients.


How can I effectively market my tanning salon?

Social media is a powerful tool for engaging potential clients. Leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your salon's ambience, promotions, and client transformations. Consider influencer partnerships within the beauty and wellness community to extend your reach.


Implementing loyalty programs and first-time client promotions encourages repeat business. Engage with your local community through partnerships with fitness centres, beauty shops, or fashion boutiques. Collaborations broaden your audience and establish your salon as a community hub.


Diversifying Services

A thriving tanning salon extends beyond sunbed sessions.


What additional services can enhance my salon's appeal?

Consider offering spray tans, retailing tanning products, or collaborating with local beauty professionals for complementary services. Diversifying your offerings attracts a broader clientele and positions your salon as a one-stop destination for all things tanning and beauty.


Glow Big or Go Home!

As you navigate the intricate landscape of starting and running a tanning salon, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. Calculating your costs, staying compliant, and fostering a vibrant, welcoming space are the keys to unlocking the golden world of tanning.

For your sunbed needs, consider contacting Helionova, a trusted name in the industry and official UK supplier of Ultrasun sunbeds. Our expertise can illuminate your path to a well-equipped and successful tanning salon venture. Now, go ahead and let your salon shine under the golden allure of bronzed beauty.

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FAQs Costs Running a Tanning Salon

What financing options are available for starting a tanning salon?

Financing your tanning salon venture can take various forms. Explore traditional business loans and grants, or consider partnerships with investors. Many financial institutions offer tailored solutions for budding entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry.


How can I ensure client safety in my tanning salon?

Prioritise staff training on equipment usage and hygiene. Implement strict sanitisation protocols, provide protective eyewear, and educate clients on responsible tanning practices. Regularly update safety procedures to align with industry practices.