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Unlocking Success: 5 Loyalty Programs for Tanning Salons

Zuleika Boekhoudt By Zuleika Boekhoudt   •     •   3 minute read

Running a successful tanning salon involves more than just offering sunbeds. Building customer loyalty is crucial for long-term success. Loyalty programs are a game-changer for businesses, fostering a sense of appreciation and connection with customers. For tanning salons, creating enticing loyalty programs ensures repeat business and sets you apart from the competition. Let's explore five creative and effective loyalty programs tailored for tanning salons to keep your clients bronzed and loyal.


1. Sunbed Minutes Marathon


Reward Structure

  • Bronze Tier: 100 minutes - Exclusive discounts on tanning lotions
  • Silver Tier: 250 minutes - Free upgrade to premium sunbeds
  • Gold Tier: 500 minutes - One complimentary sunbed session


Encourage clients to reach their sunbed minute milestones with enticing rewards. This program not only keeps them committed to their tanning goals but also increases their overall spend.


2. Sun-kissed Saturdays


Weekend Exclusive Benefits

  • Double loyalty points on Saturdays
  • Complimentary upgrade to premium sunbeds
  • Exclusive access to new tanning lotions on Saturdays


Make weekends special by offering extra perks for loyalty program members. Sun-kissed Saturdays create anticipation and excitement, driving footfall on the weekends.


3. Referral Radiance


Referral Program Highlights

  • Refer a friend and receive 50 bonus loyalty points
  • Referred friend enjoys their first sunbed session free.
  • Additional bonus for every fifth successful referral


Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding clients for bringing in new customers. This not only expands your client base but also solidifies the loyalty of existing customers.


4. Tanning Treasures


Loyalty Card Benefits

  • Collect stamps for each tanning session
  • Completed cards unlock exclusive discounts on tanning packages
  • Bonus rewards for completing multiple cards


Introduce a tangible loyalty card system to engage clients actively. The sense of accomplishment in completing a card keeps them motivated and invested in your salon.


5. VIP Glow Club


Exclusive VIP Benefits

  • Early access to new sunbed models
  • Personalised tanning schedules
  • Invitations to VIP events and promotions


Elevate loyalty to a VIP level with an exclusive club for your most dedicated clients. Providing personalised experiences and privileges ensures their loyalty and continued patronage.


Radiate Success with Loyal Clients!

In the competitive world of tanning salons, loyalty programs are the secret ingredient to success. Implementing these innovative ideas keeps your clients loyal and turns them into your brand advocates. Helionova has a wide range of sunbeds suitable for every type of salon. Contact us for a quote on a sunbed.

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FAQs Loyalty Programs

How do loyalty programs benefit tanning salons?

Loyalty programs enhance customer retention, increase overall spending, and create a strong emotional connection between clients and your salon.


Can I combine multiple loyalty program benefits?

Absolutely! Many clients love stacking rewards, so feel free to mix and match the programs to create a bespoke experience for your loyal customers.


Do loyalty programs work for new tanning salons?

Yes, loyalty programs are especially effective for new salons, helping to build a dedicated customer base quickly and differentiate your brand in the market.