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Tanning for everyone: expanding your target group

Steve Foyster By Steve Foyster   •     •   2 minute read

If you’re afraid that adding a sunbed to your salon won't make a considerable difference in how many people you can welcome in your salon, think again!

Everyone looks great with a tan, which means it’s not just women you should aim at. If you want to expand your target group, here are our tips.


Tanning for men

Scratch the image of Ross in Friends who had a spray tan gone wrong - three times. Tanning is becoming increasingly important amongst men, but most salons don’t market for them, at all. 


Adapt your marketing

Tanning is not just for women, but often, the marketing of salons is. If you really want to broaden your customer circle, consider mixing up your marketing and also aiming at men. Show men on your social media as customers, and even promote special offers for them to really give it a boost.


The style of your salon

This can also mean you’ll make some small adjustments inside your salon, to make it more welcoming for everyone. Even barber shops could consider adding UV tanning services to their shop.


Products for men

Do you only sell beauty products for women in your salon? You could be missing out. Not only to sell to the men that actually visit your salon, but also to sell to the women who’s husband, boyfriend, brother and friend is sitting at home. Taking care of yourself is no longer ‘’trendy’’ or ‘’metrosexual’’ - it’s standard practice. 


Go beyond the physical effects

Tanning doesn’t just affect your skin. You could reposition your salon as being focussed on health, wellness, giving your clients a moment to relax. And nobody has ever come out of a nap in a sunbed more stressed than they went in. 


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