4 Strategies to Boost Revenue from Your Salon

Work smarter, not harder — when you’re running a beauty salon, there's only so many clients you can have in your chair or on your table a day. That doesn't mean your revenue has to plateau based on that number. There are ways to make more money and secure revenue for the future. We give you four ideas.


Ways to increase your revenue

To generate some ideas, let's divide the ways you can boost your business into several categories:

  • Making more money per visit: if you can increase the average spend per visit, you make more money per hour — without doing substantially more work. 
  • Increase the frequency of visits: many beauty treatments aren’t just a one-time thing. 
  • Get more customers: this is all about marketing and word-of-mouth.  
  • Make more money per square foot: is there unused space in your salon? From the counter to an entire room, see how you can leverage every square foot.


Instead of focusing on all the above at once, see what strategy best fits your current situation and work within that framework to grow your business.


1. Sell accessories and extra products

Do clients come to you for only a treatment, or do you also provide products for after-care? For additional beauty projects, the margins are usually quite high. With this strategy you not only make more money per visit, but also per square foot. If you have empty space, it could be worth experimenting with displaying some products your clients love. 


Get many comments about that shampoo that smells great? Let them know they can take that smell home during a head massage. It’ll be too hard to resist. Another great way to do this is to sell gift cards that can be used for either your products or services.


2. Add a sunbed to your salon

If you have the space for it, consider buying or renting a sunbed for your salon. They are a great way to make extra money from your space, without having to put in a lot of effort — most clients (especially returning once) will need minimum assistance. We’ve written a blog earlier about how a sunbed benefits your beauty business, but let’s sum it up again:

  • Sunbeds are popular all year round: an unexpected benefit of living in a rainy country
  • Sunbed users will come frequently: there’s no point in going just once
  • Sunbed users can be tempted to use your other services: or telling others about it
  • You can sell additional products, like tanning lotions: see point 1!


If you're curious to find out just how profitable a sunbed really is and how long it would take you to earn your initial investment back, just try out our ROI Calculator!


3. Start a loyalty program

People love discounts and being rewarded. A subscription to your services, a points or loyalty program is a great way to get people to come back and keep spending. You could offer them discounts, or a free treatment after nine paid ones.


4. Start a referral program

Not just looking to make more money out of existing customers, but also want to attract new ones? A referral program is a great way to give word-of-mouth a nudge in the right direction. All you have to do is offer customers a discount when they bring in a new client.

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Return on investment calculator

Use our ROI calculator to find out in how many months you earn back your initial investment and when you start making additional profit. Do you have any questions or does your situation not fit within this calculation? Let one of our colleagues help you make the calculation!


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