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5 Steps to Adding Sunbeds to Your Salon

Emma Johnston By Emma Johnston   •     •   3 minute read

Adding one or multiple sunbeds to your salon could make a big difference in revenue. If you’ve read our blog on the benefits of sunbeds in your salon and are ready to get started, we’re here to help. Before expanding your services, let’s look at how to prepare yourself and your salon for what’s to come.


How to start a sunbed salon

From paperwork to preparing your space and getting the word out to your clients: there’s a lot of work to do! In all our years in the business, we’ve seen it all and have a solution for every situation. If you want to get a quick overview of what you can expect, keep reading. 


1. Get a complete picture of the costs

We’ve explained how you can make extra revenue with sunbeds in your salon, but it’s crucial to make the right calculations and know how much you can be expecting to spend. 


The biggest cost will be the sunbed itself. To know how long it will take you to earn this initial investment back, we’ve created an ROI calculator. This will give you three realistic predictions on how many months it will take to cover those first costs with your additional revenue. Depending on how much you can invest now, you can choose to either buy or rent. Renting will also mean that you have a clearer picture of maintenance costs.


You need to calculate in costs for maintenance for the lamps and bed, as well as for cleaning supplies. However, the running costs of the machines are not that expensive. Moreover, the potential profit on the accessories and creams will more than compensate for the cleaning materials required.


2. Prepare your space

You might have to make some changes in your salon to equip it for the sunbed. The room where you will be putting the sunbed has to be big enough. You can choose between horizontal or vertical sunbeds depending on how much space you have. Moreover, you’ll need proper ventilation for the room, to maintain a comfortable temperature for your clients.


If you need help with this, our team is there for you. We come with a combined experience of 45 plus years, and our experts will liaise with trades, electricians, builders to get your salon ready for sunbeds.


3. Educate yourself and check regulations

Make sure you have up-to-date knowledge on safe tanning practices and can advise your clients about the best tanning experience for them, depending on their skin type. Additionally, you’ll need to comply with safety regulations and have the necessary information available in your salon. 


4. Keep up with cleaning and maintenance

If you want to give your clients a five-star service, cleaning, and maintenance are key. This is not just for a fresh look, but also for safety reasons. Make sure you know when to have the sunbeds checked, what services you need to have done and check every day if everything is working properly. 


5. Make your marketing pop

Last but not least: you will want everyone in the neighbourhood to know about your new service. You can start by spreading the word among your current client base. On social media and with offline advertising, you can advertise any discounts or loyalty programs you’ll have running. Remember that simply low prices won't always do the trick — you will want to offer real incentives for people to come back. Looking for inspiration? Check this blog on how to grow the revenue from your salon. 


We’re here to help

Ready to get the ball rolling on your tanning services? Our team is there every step of the way. Reach out to get a quote or ask your questions.