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Rent a Sunbed in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide

Zuleika Boekhoudt By Zuleika Boekhoudt   •     •   7 minute read

As a business owner, you may seek ways to add value to your services and attract more customers. One way to do this is by offering tanning to your clients. However, buying a sunbed can be costly and may not be a viable option for everyone. This is where renting is perfect. This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about hiring a sunbed in Newcastle.


Benefits of Renting a Commercial Sunbed in Newcastle for Business Owners

Offering your customers the option to use a sunbed can be a great addition to your business. Sunbeds are a popular choice for those looking to achieve a sunkissed glow and offer a convenient alternative to outdoor sunbathing and spray tanning. Besides the aesthetics renting a sunbed can have the following benefits:


Attract More Customers

A sunbed can be a great way to attract new customers to your business, especially if you're in the beauty or fitness industry. Many people seek a convenient and efficient way to get a suntan, and a sunbed can provide just that. Offering a sunbed service can attract customers who may not have considered your business before.


Additionally, customers using your sunbed service will likely return to your business for other services, such as tanning lotions or gym memberships. This can lead to increased revenue and customer loyalty in the long run.


Generate Additional Revenue

You can generate additional revenue for your business by offering sunbed courses, providing a consistent income stream. As mentioned earlier, you can upsell customers on tanning lotions, goggles, winkease, and other accessories, thus increasing your revenue.


With the right marketing and pricing strategy, installing a sunbed can be a profitable addition to your business. Renting a sunbed from a reputable company like Helionova, you don't need to worry about the maintenance costs of owning your own tanning bed, this is all covered. This can save you money in the long run while providing an additional revenue stream for your business.


Improve Customer Experience

Providing your customers with a sunbed can enhance their experience and keep them coming back for more. A sunbed can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially for those who don't have access to outdoor tanning or live in areas with limited sunshine. You're giving your customers an additional service that they may not be able to find elsewhere. This can improve their overall experience at your business and make them more likely to return.


Plus, since you're renting the sunbed from a reputable company like Helionova, you can be sure it's safe for your customers. This can give your customers peace of mind and help build trust in your business. Ultimately, by enhancing your customer experience with a sunbed service, you can build customer loyalty and increase your revenue in the long run.


7 Factors to Consider When Renting a Commercial Sunbed

Before going ahead and choosing your sunbed, there are a few factors that you need to consider first.


1. The Size of Your Establishment

The size of your location is an important consideration when selecting a sunbed. You want to ensure the sunbed you choose fits comfortably in your space and doesn't take up too much room. A sunbed that is too large can make your establishment feel cramped, while a sunbed that is too small may not provide the level of service your customers are looking for.


2. The Sunbed's Electrical Requirements

Sunbeds require a certain amount of electricity to operate. Your location must accommodate the electrical requirements of the sunbed you want to rent. Consult with an electrician first to determine the possibilities and ensure your electrical system can handle the additional load.


3. Your Target Market

Consider your target customers and whether they will be interested in using a sunbed service. If your target market is primarily older individuals, they may not be as interested in sunbeds as younger clients. Ensure that the sunbed service you're considering aligns with your target market's interests and needs.


4. Type of Sunbed

Various types of sunbeds are available to rent, such as stand-up or lay down sunbeds. Think about your customers' needs when picking the right sunbed. Some customers prefer stand-up sunbeds for convenience, while others prefer lay-down sunbeds for comfort. Or if you have the space, why not have one of each!


5. Power and Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient sunbed can help you save on energy costs, which can add up over time. Consider the power and energy efficiency of the sunbed you're renting to ensure that it doesn't consume too much energy.


6. The Sunbed's Brand and Quality

The quality of the sunbed is crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. Choose a reputable rental company that will provide high-quality, safe sunbeds that meet all necessary safety standards.


7. Monthly Cost of Running a Sunbed

Finally, consider the cost of hiring a sunbed, including electricity and monthly rental fees. Choose a sunbed that fits your budget while meeting your needs and requirements.



Why Choose Helionova for Your Commercial Sunbed Rental in Newcastle?

When it comes to renting a sunbed in Newcastle, there are several options available. However, Helionova stands out for several reasons, including:


Helionova Offers High-Quality Sunbeds

Helionova offers high-quality Ultrasun sunbeds for rent that are safe and deliver a deep natural-looking tan. The sunbeds are regularly maintained and checked to ensure they meet industry standards so that you can be confident in the quality of the equipment. This can give your customers peace of mind and help build trust in your business.


Professional Service and Maintenance Throughout the UK

Helionova operates throughout the UK, including Newcastle, from delivery to installation and maintenance of the sunbed. Our experienced technicians will ensure the sunbed is set up correctly and properly before leaving it in your care. They are also available to provide ongoing support and maintenance throughout the rental period. You can rest assured that your sunbed is always in good working condition. This can save you time and money by avoiding costly repairs or downtime.


Sunbed Rentals Are Cost-Effective

Renting from Helionova can be a cost-effective way for businesses to offer a sunbed service without investing in expensive equipment. Renting allows business owners to avoid the upfront cost of purchasing a sunbed and the ongoing maintenance and repair costs that come with ownership. This can help businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on their core operations.


4 Steps to Rent a Sunbed in Newcastle with Helionova

Renting a sunbed with Helionova is a straightforward process. Helionova provides quality sunbeds that are safe and effective for your business. Here's how you go about  hiring a sunbed in Newcastle with Helionova:


  1. 1. Contact Helionova

  2. Get in touch with Helionova to discuss your sunbed rental needs and get a quote. You can do this easily through the website or by calling our dedicated service team. Also, you can fill out the get a quote form, and one of our tanning agents will call you back.
  4. 2. Schedule Delivery

    Once you've agreed and signed the rental terms, Helionova will schedule delivery & installation of the Ultrasun sunbed to your business. 

    3. Professional Installation of Your Sunbed

    The Helionova engineers will install the sunbed on your premises, ensuring it's set up correctly and safely. This guarantees your customers a safe and enjoyable experience while using the sunbed.

    4. Sunbed Maintenance

    Helionova provides regular maintenance and servicing of the sunbed to ensure it's in good working condition. This means you won't have to worry about the upkeep and repair of the sunbed and can focus on running your business.


    Overall, renting a sunbed with Helionova provides an easy and hassle-free experience, allowing you to provide your customers with a high-quality sunbed service.

  6. Rent a Sunbed in Newcastle Today!

Renting a sunbed for your business in Newcastle can be a great way to attract more customers and generate additional revenue. Helionova offers professional sunbed rental services in Newcastle, with high-quality sunbeds and competitive rental options. Contact Helionova today to discuss your sunbed rental needs and take your business to the next level.


FAQs About Renting a Sunbed in Newcastle


What is the average cost of renting a sunbed in Newcastle?

The cost of renting a sunbed can vary depending on the brand, size, and type of sunbed you choose. On average, you can expect to pay between £100-£300 plus VAT per month.


Do I need special insurance or permits to rent a sunbed for my business?

With the Helionova rental agreement, you will need to purchase insurance for your rented/purchased/leased sunbed to protect it against damage, theft, and public liability. Your current insurer should be able to add this to your existing policy.


How often do I need to maintain my rented sunbed?

Regular maintenance of your rented sunbed is essential to ensure it's safe and effective for your customers to use. At Helionova, we provide routine maintenance and servicing of the sunbed to ensure it's in good working order. We recommend scheduling maintenance at least once every six months, depending on how frequently the sunbed is used.


Should a fault occur on the equipment or the token system, please contact Helionova immediately, where your call will be dealt with by an engineer or actioned for a call out. Call out is normally within 48 hours, depending on location and urgency of the situation, this is applicable to week days only.  Sunbed Services (full lamp changes) are completed after every 550 hours of use.