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All about maintaining your sunbeds

Steve Foyster By Steve Foyster   •     •   1 minute read

Taking care of your clients means taking care of your tools, including your sunbeds. They are relatively easy to maintain but you might wonder what there is to do at all. To help you on your way here’s a quick 101 on maintaining sunbeds.


Why maintenance is so important

Safety comes first. You will be handling relatively big machines and your clients should be able to trust they are working correctly.  This is connected to customer satisfaction, if a small function of the sunbed fails to work properly it could annoy your customers - happy customers will return.


First and foremost you’ll need to keep your sunbeds clean. This means cleaning your sunbed after each session so every client can enjoy a fresh, hygienic tanning experience. Not every wet wipe will do, invest in correct cleaning tools that are suitable for indoor tanning equipment.

Replacing the tubes

Whether a new or reconditioned bed from Helionova you will have a sunbed with new tubes.  However, these lamps will need replacing at some point. 

As a ballpark, you can aim to replace them when they’re at 80 percent of their lifetime to prevent customers experiencing failing lamps. This is between 500 and 800 hours depending on the type of lamps. 

Always replace them with the recommended tubes to ensure not to damage the equipment and an even tan for your customers. Bear in mind that whenever you’ve change the tubes you should inform your customers about the stronger UV radiation: brand-new lamps are stronger for the first 50 hours they’re in use. 


Maintaining other parts

Obviously if something is broken you’ll need to get it repaired, it’s easier to prevent something from breaking than it is to fix it. That’s why you should inform your staff and clients how to operate your sunbeds correctly and check them after each use when you clean them. For regular check-ups follow the recommendations of your supplier or manufacturer. 


Renting a sunbed

If you’re looking to have minimal maintenance on your sunbeds consider renting.  With this option important servicing, maintenance and repairs are all included in the monthly fee you pay.  Find out more about the benefits of renting a sunbed.