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Renting a Sunbed in Liverpool: How it Works

Zuleika Boekhoudt By Zuleika Boekhoudt   •     •   7 minute read

In Liverpool, like the rest of the UK, the sun doesn't always shine, but that doesn't mean your customers can't have that sunkissed look all year round. Commercial sunbed rental in Liverpool has become a growing trend among businesses in the beauty and fitness industry. Offering tanning services can attract new customers and retain current ones, providing them with a tanning option that suits their lifestyle. We'll take you step-by-step through the process of renting a sunbed and explain how it can benefit your business.


Benefits of Renting a Sunbed for Your Business

Renting a sunbed for your business can be a game-changer. It can increase revenue, attract new customers, and retain current ones. Offering sunbeds for rent can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially during the colder months when people can't get their dose of vitamin D from the sun. It can also be a convenient option for those who don't have time to sunbathe outdoors.


Stand Above Your Competitors

By renting a sunbed, you can offer your customers a complete tanning experience under one roof. This will make your business more attractive to customers and increase the number of services you offer. Besides that, it will, in turn, give your business a competitive edge over other salons and spas that do not provide sunbeds.


Increase Your Monthly Profit

One of the biggest benefits of renting a commercial sunbed is the potential for increased revenue. By offering this service, you can tap into a new market and generate additional income for your business. You can set your own prices and rental periods, which means you have complete control over how much you earn.


Attract New Customers to Your Business

Another benefit of renting a sunbed is that it can attract new customers to your business. Many people are looking for tanning options when the weather is bad, or they don't have time to sunbathe outdoors. By offering a convenient and reliable tanning option, you can attract new customers who may not have visited your premises before. This can lead to increased foot traffic and more revenue for your business.


Help Retain Current Customers

Renting a sunbed can also help retain current customers. If you offer a wide range of beauty services, renting a sunbed can be a great way to bring back customers to your shop. By offering a complete tanning experience, you can give your customers everything they need to look and feel their best. This will keep them happy and satisfied and ensure that they continue to choose your business over competitors.



5 Steps on How to Rent a Sunbed in Liverpool

Renting a sunbed in Liverpool is a simple process that can benefit your business by attracting new customers and generating additional revenue. By partnering with a reputable sunbed rental company, you can ensure that the process of renting a sunbed is stress-free and straightforward.


1. Contact a Commercial Sunbed Rental Company

The first step to renting a sunbed is to contact a reputable commercial sunbed rental company available in the UK. A reliable company will discuss your requirements and provide a competitive quote. In addition, you can tell them your sunbed needs and will advise on the best equipment for your business.


2. Agree on Rental Terms and Pricing

Once you receive a quote, you can agree on the rental terms and pricing with the company. This includes the length of the rental period and any delivery and collection fees.


3. Wait for the Delivery of Your Sunbed

The rental company will then deliver & install the sunbed to your business, ensuring it is set up and ready for use. The rental company should provide information on how to use the sunbed safely and effectively. We at Helionova, will also work with you to develop suitable business and marketing strategies to help with this new venture.


4. How to Use the Sunbed

Your customers can then use the sunbed at your premises at a time that suits them. Before they can start getting their glow on, make sure that your customers understand how to use the sunbed correctly and comply with safety regulations. The rental company will service and maintain the sunbed, ensuring it is in good working order and complies with safety standards.


5. End of Rental Agreement

At the end of the rental contract, you can either purchase the machine at a special rate, continue with the Rental or request to collect the sunbed.  . However, if you close a lease agreement with Helionova, you get to keep the sunbed at the end of the lease period.



Types of Sunbeds for Rent in Liverpool

You've read about the potential benefits of offering sunbed service to your business. Now comes the fun part, picking out the equipment. With various types of sunbeds available, each with its unique features, you're sure to find one that meets all of your tanning needs. So, let's explore the benefits and advantages of each one.


Lay Down Sunbeds

Lay down sunbeds are designed for clients who want to relax and enjoy a more traditional tanning experience. These sunbeds have a flat surface on which the client can lie comfortably. The lamps are above and below the surface, providing an even thorough tan.


Ultrasun Q14 Magnum Power

2023 Helionova

Lay down Ultrasun Q14 Magnum Power sunbed


Indulge in the timelessness of the Ultrasun Q14, a tanning device that boasts impeccable quality and stunning design. It's no wonder why tanning studios can't resist the allure of the Q14. Moreover, expand your tanning experience with wellness and music features, Like Breeze and Aroma, and Bluetooth.


Ultrasun Q10 Magnum Power

2023 Helionova

Lay down Ultrasun Q10 Magnum Power sunbed


Get ready to immerse yourself in pure comfort with the Ultrasun Q10, a classic model with a compact yet spacious design. Unmatched in its class, the Q10 offers a level of relaxation that you won't find anywhere else. This sunbed is perfect for those embarking on their Recharge Yourself journey and looking for an entry-level model.


Stand-up Sunbeds

Stand-up sunbeds are designed for clients who prefer a more efficient and convenient tanning option. Stand-up sunbeds can be more powerful than lay down sunbeds, allowing for a quicker tanning session.


Ultrasun i8

i8 upright sunbedStand-up Ultrasun i8 sunbed


Elevate your tanning experience to new heights with the world's best-selling stand-up tanning device, the Ultrasun i8. Not only does it offer ample space and comfort for a full-body tan, but the i8 also provides an invigorating aromatherapy experience. The i8's Aroma and Breeze feature will refresh and energise you.


Ultrasun E7

2023 helionovaStand-up Ultrasun E7 sunbed


The Ultrasun E7 is built with the essential features for achieving a beautiful tan. Additionally, you have the option to enhance it with amazing features like the Music option, which includes two speakers and a subwoofer.


3 Sunbed Safety and Regulations You Need to Know

Your business, staff, and customers must follow safety regulations and guidelines to ensure that you use sunbeds safely. You should make sure all staff read a training manual before allowing clients to use your sunbed(s). Moreover, you can always find more information about sunbed safety on the Sunbed Association website


1. 18 Years or Older Can Tan

First and foremost, it is important to note that sunbeds should only be used by customers who are 18 years or older. 


2. Regular Service and Maintenance Checks

Sunbeds should be serviced and maintained to ensure they are safe to use. If you rent a sunbed, ensure the rental company has a regular maintenance schedule in place. 


3. Specific Regulations

In addition to these guidelines, there are also specific regulations that sunbed operators must follow. These regulations vary depending on the country or county. However, they usually include requirements for eye protection, warning signs, and hygiene standards.


Renting a Sunbed in Liverpool: A Smart Business Move

Renting a sunbed is a smart business move for Fitness Studio’s, Gyms, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers etc. By offering a convenient and safe tanning option, you can attract new customers and retain current ones, increasing your revenue in the process. Contact Helionova for a commercial sunbed rental in Liverpool today to learn how renting a sunbed can benefit your business.


FAQs About Renting a Sunbed in Liverpool


Are sunbeds safe to use?

Sunbeds can be safe to use if they are used correctly and comply with safety regulations. Customers should be advised to limit their UV radiation exposure and follow the manufacturer's instructions. The sunbed should also be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that it is safe to use.


How long can a sunbed rental last?

The rental period for a sunbed can vary depending on your requirements and the rental company's terms. Some companies offer short-term rentals, while others offer long-term rentals. It's best to discuss your needs with the rental company to determine the best rental period for you.


Can I rent a sunbed for personal use?

Helionova only offers commercial sunbeds for businesses. Some rental companies provide sunbed rentals for personal use. It's best to contact the rental company directly to discuss your requirements and pricing.