What sunbed is right for your salon?

If you're new to sunbeds, you might feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Fantastic designs, futuristic features and an impressive list of characteristics: they all seem great. So, how do you make sure that you pick the right sunbed for your salon? Let’s look at some things to keep in mind. 

What does competition in the area offer?

If you're going to be competing with other local salons, you’ll want to make sure that the sunbeds you choose, offer at least the same quality. With a simple research, you can find out what they are using and how you can enter the market with a great offer. 

Don’t just look at the prices for a tanning session, but also what extras their sunbeds have, such as aromatherapy, water breezes, or soothing wellness sounds while you tan. 


Stand-up or lie-down?

A sunbed requires space, so this will evidently influence your decision. If you have a rather small room when it comes to floor space, you can still get a sunbed. With a stand-up unit, you save space. Just make sure your ceiling is high enough. If you’re going for a lie-down unit, make sure you measure correctly before ordering your sunbed. 

Don’t forget to also calculate space for clients to get dressed. If you have limited space, look into products like the Ultrasun Changing Cubicle. This creates a private personal dressing room, without the need for a separate room. 


New or refurbished?

You’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of great refurbished sunbeds on offer. If you’re still hesitant on if they’d be the right choice for your salon, allow us to explain what you’ll be getting.

A refurbished sunbed is completely revised and retubed, meaning it will give your customers the same sunny experience as a brand-new bed would. A perfectly refurbished sunbed can barely be distinguished from a new one. 

The most significant difference? The price: it’s considerably cheaper than a brand-new one. On the other hand, if you want the newest possible bed to beat your local competitors, a new bed might be the better choice. Which brings us to the next point.


Price — and rent or buy?

You’ll need to do the math before investing in a sunbed. How long will it take to earn back your investment? What prices for tanning sessions are realistic? We help you get started with our ROI calculator

Then, there’s the choice to buy or rent a sunbed. Buying can offer you a greater variety of beds to choose from, and you are not required to keep the bed for a minimum amount of time. Renting can be cheaper and often includes other services, but means that you are responsible for payments for at least a year. Check out our blog about the benefits of hiring a sunbed here. 


Let us help you make the right choice

We’ve seen it all and know what sunbeds will work for each salon. If you are not sure what sunbed to pick, contact our team of experts to discuss the possibilities for your business.

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Return on investment calculator

Use our ROI calculator to find out in how many months you earn back your initial investment and when you start making additional profit. Do you have any questions or does your situation not fit within this calculation? Let one of our colleagues help you make the calculation!


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