How to keep up your sales in the Summer

Sunbeds in summer? 4 ways to keep your revenue up. 

Even the rainiest UK summers bring some sunny days, and the need for sunbeds might decrease during the hottest months of the year. If you’re worried about how this will affect your overall revenue, we’re here to give you some ideas to generate enough money all year round to get the most out of your sunbeds.


1. Offer special summer deals

Indoor tanning is obviously less popular when the sun is shining outside. By offering your clients an even better deal or extra incentives during the summer months, you might convince them to come in more often. Make sure this offer is cheap enough or offers enough nice extras, and clearly communicate that it’s only for a limited time.


2. Double-down on memberships and loyalty programs

With memberships and loyal customers, you know you’ll be getting a minimum amount of revenue in. While this might slow down during summer, focussing on this the rest of the year can help you get a great average. 


3. Partner up with other businesses

People hang out in different places when it’s summer. If you still want to reach them and communicate your offers, make sure to meet them where they are. Consider partnering up with local businesses that get a lot of visitors when it’s warm out and leave some coupons there. 


4. Change up your products

When the weather changes, so do the products that people like using on their body. Summer-proof the products you have on offer and give them the attention they deserve on social media. We like different smells but also different consistencies when it’s hot out. With these products, you can keep your additional sales up, even in summer.


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