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Helionova has been supplying and maintaining high-quality UV tanning equipment across the UK for over 35 years. For decades Helionova has been known for its superior service and Ultrasun tanning machines.


The Ultrasun machines are known worldwide for its Recharge Yourself experience:
warmth, vitality,
and stunning tan


The Ultrasun tanning equipment is split into three categories:
Q-Series, i-Series,
 E-Series, and Limited Editions

The Ultrasun Q-series represents the lay-down sunbeds. From the Ultrasun Q6 to the ultimate tanning experience that the Q22 provides. These sunbeds are equipped with features to relax your body after a busy day. Experience tanning in the most luxurious way possible.

Ultrasun Q22 Magnum Power

most exceptionally looking tanning beds

The Ultrasun Q22 Magnum Power is one of the most exceptionally looking tanning bed that looks stylish in any room. Its features enhance the tanning experience to unbelievable levels. Besides its powerful tanning capabilities, you can satisfy your sensories with its wide array of features such as aromatherapy, water breezes, and soothing wellness sound.

Ultrasun Q18 Magnum Power

most wanted sunbed in the uk

The Ultrasun Q18 Magnum Power is one of the most sought after machine in the UK. Its high-quality tanning power and fantastic design are what sunbathers. And like most of our devices in the Q-series range, the Q18 comes in two lamp configurations: UltraViolet and CollaTan.

Ultrasun Q14 Magnum Power

step up your tanning game

The stylish and unique Ultrasun Q14 delivers a complete tanning experience perfect studios and beauty salons. So, why not glow that glow while taking care of yourself.

Ultrasun Q10 Magnum Power

a timeless device for an everlasting tan

The Ultrasun Q10 Magnum Power is a classic tanning bed thanks to its compact design and spacious interior. The tanning capabilities are superior to any other device in its class. The sunbed is one of Ultrasun’s entry models, perfect for those who want to know what the Recharge Yourself experience is all about.

Ultrasun Q6 Magnum Power

compact and stylish

The Ultrasun Q6 Magnum Power is the perfect starter model for those who want to start in the tanning industry. But the Q6 is also ideal for beauty, health and wellness centres. Its standard features are anything but basic thanks to its IQ Touch Control, Facial Lamps, and Bluetooth. The Q6 is an entry model not seen before in its range or class.

The Ultrasun i-series consists of only stand-up tanning machines. The world’s best sold and largest sunshower make part of this standout category. This product range is completed with the Changing Cubicle.

ultrasun i9

the most spacious upright tanning experience in the world.

The Ultrasun i9 is the largest upright sunshower in the world. Thanks to its 64 UV tubes you can achieve a seamless tan all over your body. Plus, you have enough room to move around and relax. Connect your phone to the device’s Bluetooth and listen to your own songs. Not only that, but the i9 also has premium features that include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a rich and fresh tanning experience.

ultrasun i8

glow from the inside out

An exhilarating experience is virtually guaranteed in the world’s best-selling sunshower, the Ultrasun i8. The upright sunbed offers space and comfort to glow from the inside out. Boost your Vitamin D levels, relax your body and mind, and let your glowing skin show the results.

ultrasun changing cubicle

create your own separate room

The Ultrasun Changing Cubicle for the i-series creates a private and luxurious personal space without the need for a separate room. The Cubicle acts like your own personal dressing room which you can lock, find a Clothes Hook and a Mirror.

The Ultasun E-Series represents our beginner entry models, or what we prefer to say: our timeless and unique classics. These sunbeds and sunshowers are of proven quality and high in demand for those new to the tanning industry.

Ultrasun E7

all you need for a sunkissed tan

The Ultrasun E7 comes equipped with the necessary features to get a sunkissed tan. But you can also upgrade the Ultrasun E7 with awesome features such as the Music option, which comes with two speakers and a subwoofer.

ultrasun e6

the sunshower to create the perfect glowing skin

The Ultrasun E6 does what it supposed to do: give you the perfect tan. Whether you want to show off your glow during a night out or boost your Vitamin D levels, the Ultrasun E6 does it.

Ultrasun E5

find out about the “recharge yourself” experience

The Ultrasun E5 is the perfect upright starter sunbed for those who want to find out about the Recharge Yourself experience. The sunshower has all the necessary features to glow your skin in under 20 minutes.

ultrasun changing cubicle e-series

create a private room

The Ultrasun Changing Cubicle for the E-series creates a private and separate room for its users. The Cubicle acts like your own personal dressing room which you can lock and find all the necessities, such as, a Clothes Hook and a Mirror.

ultrasun e4-2

a beginner entry model never seen before

Ultrasun E4-2 is a step above of all the machines in her class. The cosy tanning device screams comfort with its 32 UV tubes that will surely boost your immune system, Vitamin D levels, and of course, your tanning game.

ultrasun e4-0

the sunbed that’s perfect for your home

This Ultrasun E4-0 is the ideal sunbed for those who want to enjoy a tanning session at their home. Thanks to its electrical wiring you can plug in the device in a wall socket.

Besides our spectacular sunbeds and sunshowers, we also offer Limited Editions. These are special Ultrasun sunbeds with unique features and tubes.

ultrasun i8 limited edition

the unique combination of uv and collagenic light.

The Ultrasun i8 Limited Edition is one of Ultrasun’s special devices. It modifies the unique features of an Ultrasun i8 and adds CollaTan tubes. It’s a sunshower device that gives you a fantastic tan and rejuvenates your skin at the same time!

ultrasun e4-sse limited edition

the perfect compact sunbed for your home or studio

The Ultrasun E4 Special Silver Edition or E4-SSE is part of our limited edition machines. It’s electrical wiring you can easily start your tanning session and get that stunning glow.


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