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How To Choose The Right Sunbeds For Your Beauty Salon

Zuleika Boekhoudt By Zuleika Boekhoudt   •     •   6 minute read

As a beauty salon owner, you're always searching for ways to increase your salon's profitability and entice sun-seeking clientele. The addition of top-notch sunbeds can undoubtedly illuminate your path to success. With many options available, selecting the ideal sunbeds for your beauty salon may prove challenging. But worry not, for in this comprehensive guide, we shall navigate the sun-kissed realm of sunbed selection with a keen eye on boosting your profits.


Benefits of Sunbeds for Beauty Salons

Embracing the radiance of tanning services within your beauty salon bestows an array of benefits, enticing clients and amplifying your salon's allure.


Boost Your Salon's Profits

Introducing tanning services opens a new avenue for revenue generation. As clients seek sun-kissed glows all year round, the addition of tanning services brings in extra income, increasing your salon's profitability. Diversifying your revenue sources ensures financial resilience and long-term success.


Attract New Clients

Adding a sunbed in your beauty salon attracts sun-seekers from all over, drawing in new clients seeking a bronzed glow. Incorporating a sunbed in your salon increases foot traffic. It introduces your salon to a broader audience, elevating your business profile. So, it will not only increase your earnings but also strengthen your salon's reputation.


Keep Customers Coming Back

Offering tanning services creates an irresistible reason for clients to return. With the allure of bronzed skin and rejuvenation, patrons are more likely to frequent your salon regularly, fostering customer loyalty and bolstering your salon's reputation. Building lasting relationships secures a loyal customer base and ensures steady revenue.


Stand Out from the Competition

Diversifying your service menu sets your salon apart from competitors, positioning it as a one-stop destination for beauty, tanning, and relaxation. This unique offering not only attracts new clients but also retains your existing ones, solidifying your position as a leading beauty salon in the region.


Steady Income Throughout the Year

The addition of a sunbed in your salon guarantees a year-round, reliable revenue stream, regardless of the weather. The ability to provide tanning services during gloomy months ensures steady cash flow and reduces the impact of seasonal fluctuations. Maintaining financial stability allows your salon to thrive in all seasons.


How to Choose the Right Sunbed?

You already know the benefits of incorporating a sunbed in your salon. But how do you go about choosing the right sunbed for your establishment? No need to worry. Consider the following factors to get the sunbed that will maximise your profits.


Understand your Customers

Before delving into the world of sunbeds, it is important to understand your target audience's desires and budgets. By understanding their preferences, you can tailor your sunbed offerings to appeal to their tastes, elevating your salon's reputation and profit potential.


Consider Space and Size

Take into account your salon's square footage space when selecting a sunbed. Opt for compact models like the Ultrasun E7 to maximise limited space or indulge in more lavish options if your space permits, like the Ultrasun Q18. Creating a comfortable environment enhances your clients' experience, elevating your salon's allure.


The Sunbed's Features

Stay at the forefront of innovation by offering sunbeds adorned with cutting-edge technology. Seek adjustable intensity, built-in cooling systems, and voice guides. Demonstrating your salon's commitment to modernity will entice clients seeking the epitome of sunbed sophistication.


Safety First

The well-being of your esteemed clients comes first. Invest in high-quality sunbeds that adhere to safety standards and regulations. Features such as integrated safety sensors, protective eyewear, and user-friendly controls assure a secure and enjoyable tanning experience for all.



Types of Sunbeds to Boost Your Salon's Profits

Two types of sunbeds are available in the market: lay-down and stand-up.


Stand-Up Sunbeds

2023-Helionova-604x488_E7_DWM1Ultrasun E7


Stand-up sunbeds provide a convenient and efficient way to achieve a beautiful tan. Instead of lying down, clients can simply stand to get an all-over glow. These sunbeds ensure even tanning results, reducing the risk of uneven patches and giving you a flawless tan.


Lay-Down Sunbeds


2023-Helionova-604x488_Q18_DWM1Ultrasun Q18


Lay-down sunbeds offer a traditional tanning experience, allowing clients to relax while they tan. These sunbeds come equipped with additional features like facial tanners for a pampering experience.


Top Tips for Marketing Your Sunbed Services

The next step in boosting your salon's profits with a sunbed is to let your clients and everyone else know they can tan at your salon. Here are some valuable tips for marketing your sunbed services and ensuring they shine bright in the beauty market.


Promote Your Salon on Social Media

Harness the prowess of social media platforms to showcase your sunbed services. Engage your audience, share captivating before-and-after photos, and run enticing promotions to allure new clientele.


Personalised Packages and Special Deals

Craft special packages and deals that combine sunbed sessions with other luxurious beauty treatments. By creating pampering experiences, you entice clients to enjoy the best of both worlds, indulging in beauty treatments while basking in sunbed sessions.


Team Up with Influencers

Team up with popular beauty influencers to support your sunbed services. Their recommendations hold significant influence, attracting potential clients and highlighting the excellence of your salon's offerings.


Value and Reward Loyal Customers

Design a loyalty program for your  regular sunbed visitors. Delight your valued customers with discounts, free sessions, and exclusive benefits to foster long-lasting loyalty.


Glow and Grow Your Salon!

Now that you know how to pick the perfect sunbed, your salon's future is destined to be radiant! Embrace the profit-boosting power of sunbeds, enchant your clients with a golden experience, and witness your beauty salon bask in the glow of success.


If you need assistance in choosing the right sunbed for your beauty salon, don't hesitate to reach out to Helionova. We have a team of tanning experts ready to help you. You can contact us via email at sales@helionova.co.uk or call 01603 789 010. Let our expertise guide you towards the best sunbeds for your business. Your salon is on its way to achieving a luminous future!


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FAQs Choosing the Right Sunbed for Your Beauty Salon


Can Sunbeds Help Increase My Beauty Salon's Profits?

Absolutely! Sunbeds are not only appealing to clients but also contribute to making your salon more profitable. Providing tanning services can attract new customers, encourage loyalty from existing ones, and boost your salon's overall earnings, leading you on the path to success.


Are Sunbeds Safe for My Clients?

When used responsibly and adhering to safety guidelines, sunbeds pose minimal risk to your esteemed clients. Educating them on moderation and proper usage fosters a safe and enjoyable tanning experience. You can always visit The Sunbed Association website for safety training packages for your staff and clients.


How Can I Get Ultrasun Sunbeds for My Salon?

Getting top-quality Ultrasun sunbeds for your salon is easy with Helionova, the official distributor in the UK. We offer the best range of sunbeds, with over 40 tanning beds for rent, purchase, or lease, representing the highest standard of British business excellence.