FAQs about adding sunbeds to your salon 

If you’re about to add sunbeds to your salon, you probably have a lot of questions on how to ensure a smooth start of your new business adventure. And as we have decades of experience in this field, we have all the answers. If you want to know what you should take care of and what to expect, check all frequently asked questions about adding sunbeds to your salon. 


How much money can I make from sunbeds?

This of course depends on a lot of factors, from location to prices. But it’s not complete guesswork. If you’ve decided that you could be a strong competitor in your local area when it comes to sunbeds, you can use our ROI calculator to find out how long it will take you to earn back your initial investment. 

The market for tanning salons has been consistently growing over the past years, and it is expected that this upward trend will continue. 


How much do I need to invest in my first sunbed?

This depends on whether you’ll rent or buy a sunbed. When renting a sunbed, you will need a lower initial investment, but can expect to pay for 1 to 2 years. In that price, however, extra services such as repairs are included. Here are other benefits of renting a sunbed.

When buying your sunbed, you will have to put more money down upfront, but you will immediately own the bed. This means you can sell it, but also that you are responsible for maintenance and repairs.

Apart from just the sunbed, you could be making additional costs to make your salon sunbed-proof: from marketing materials to safety signs in your salon.


How do I pick the right sunbed for my salon?

There are a few important things to keep in mind. The first one is your competition: you will want to have a sunbed that can compete with the quality your local competitors offer. This also influences the price you can ask. 

Another factor is the size of your salon: will you be able to fit a horizontal bed, or is a standing one a better choice? If you’re in doubt, we can help you find the right sunbed for your situation. 


Will I still make money from my sunbeds in summer?

If you do it right, absolutely! Sunbeds are used all year round, although there is a significant drop in usage in the hottest months of the year. The trick is to even out your revenue during the other months. On top of that, here are some tricks you can apply to make more money from your sunbed in the summer. 


What are the benefits of adding a sunbed to my salon?

From a relatively ‘’passive’’ income source to being able to cross-sell your other services and products: adding a sunbed to your hair or beauty salon can have quite the positive impact on your business. Check out these five reasons why tanning beds are a great addition to your salon. 


What additional costs are there for running sunbeds?

After the initial investment, you need to calculate costs for repairs, running them, electricity and also for products such as lotions for your customers and cleaning supplies. 


Do I need extra training or certifications to run sunbeds? 

As opposed to spray tanning, you don't need extra training to be able to offer sunbed services. It is recommended however to have up-to-date knowledge on safe tanning and know how to take care of your sunbeds. For this, the Sunbed Association offers a UV Training Programme. 


Have more questions?

Our team is happy to help you. Reach out to our experts to get a personalized answer for your situation.

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Return on investment calculator

Use our ROI calculator to find out in how many months you earn back your initial investment and when you start making additional profit. Do you have any questions or does your situation not fit within this calculation? Let one of our colleagues help you make the calculation!


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